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Dawki which is also known as the heart of Meghalaya, is rich in its diverse tradition and culture allowing you to be mesmerized by an everlasting beauty and immaculate greenness. Dawki is mainly known for coal mining and limestone export, where one can see the gateway of Bangladesh as well as the trade between the two countries.

The place which attracts customer the most is the Umgot river which holds the pride of Dawki being the only transparent river where one can feel that they are flying rather than floating.

It is a place of magic with a box full of surprises, with experience at its best.

Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Going with the name as the most desired tourist spot , Seven Sister waterfalls provides the most delicate tourist experience with its diverse landscape and eye captivating beauty of nature where one can see seven waterfalls side by side flowing from the cliff , making it the most unique experience.

Elephant Falls

Going with the Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew which also means Three Steps Water Falls it is also considered as the heart of Meghalaya, popular for its picnic spot with an eye captivating beauty and overwhelming surrounding of nature.