About us

Havi's Home is a very pleasant place inside and away from all the hustles of the city.

We endeavor to make your visit a memorable one by staying in our Guest House one can feel the difference easily. Unlike other huest houses, hotels or heritage property it is very different from staying at any other guest house, we accommodate our guests with hospitality and the familiar atmosphere of a traditional family.

Apart from all this, Havi's Guest House offers you a view of its variety which every tourist dreams, offers a unique atmosphere, which acts as a natural catalyst to an unforgettable stay, holidays and experiences.
While choosing our properties it is our attempt to assure that you get the benefit of a hotel, the comforts of a home but with the price tag of an up-market hostel.
Havi is a full-service homestay, bed & breakfast & Professional Hospitality Services.

We guarantee you clean, secure and free from traffic noise accommodation, where one can lose themselves with a glimpse of nature over a cup of coffee.